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  1. About the Park
  2. Economic Impact
  3. The Park’s Design and Planning Team
Welcome to Bible Park USA


Bible Park USA is a one-of-a-kind themed story park that brings the Bible to life through well-loved, familiar stories and ancient historical experiences.

The Bible Park USA (BPU) is a non-denominational Bible-based themed attraction depicting well-loved Bible stories and providing an authentic historical representation of life as it was in ancient times in the Holy Land. BPU is a unique concept that has been carefully conceived and tested to ensure a comprehensive, enjoyable experience for the guest. In addition to the entertainment and educational experience, the Park offers a state-of-the-art music recording studio, a covered amphitheatre for music concerts, a museum where rotating Biblical exhibitions will be scheduled, and a theatre where several Broadway-level Biblical plays will be produced annually. The Park also includes a Bible Study Center where groups can come, meet and study. BPU will provide a day of fun, learning, contemplation and a place for families to enjoy the Bible together; all in all, it’s a place where the Bible will be brought to life in a new and interesting way, providing guests with an fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience.

About the Park

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Economic Impact

Overall Investment/Jobs

Construction Investment/Jobs

Tax Revenues to County

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The Park’s Design and Planning Team

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